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Aroma Diffuser Colorful Vase

Aroma Diffuser Colorful Vase

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Transform any room into a calming oasis with our Aroma Diffuser Colorful Vase. The wood-colored diffuser adds a natural touch while diffusing soothing scents to promote relaxation and improve air quality. Expertly designed for optimal diffusion, this vase is a must-have for any home spa.


Product information:

Material quality: ABS+PP+ electronic components
Product color box size: 100*100*200mm
Outer box size: 515*415*615mm
Single gross weight: 235g (water transfer)
Gross weight of the whole box: 8.5kg
Voltage input voltage: 5V/1A
Capacity: 200ML
Rated power: 5W
Spray volume: 30ML/H
Plug interface: DC interface
Shape: round
Function: Aromatherapy
Power supply mode; USB
Color: star light wood, star deep wood, wood light wood, wood deep wood, dragonfly light wood, dragonfly deep wood
Product specifications: national standard, European standard, American standard


Packing list:

Aroma Diffuser x1


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